Be aware of the weather before your trip


Youa��re so excited about your first trip to Sapa; however, you have no idea how to get there, what to eat and where to stay, etc. There are too many things to prepare before the trip, but dona��t forget to check the weather forecast in Sapa during your trip so that you can enjoy it the best.

What is the weather like in the next few days?

Check weather forecast before your trip

Sapa, with its temperate climate, is usually cool year round with average temperature at about 15 Celcius degrees. This land is considered Da Lat of northern Vietnam with waves of tourists, both domestic and international, every day.

Normally ita��s not too hot in summer with average temperature at about 20-25C degrees during daytime and 13-15C degrees at night. Nevertheless, it could be really cold in winter when it gets down to below 0C degree, which interests many tourists with snow in Sapa.

Frozen trees in winter

The most special thing about weather in Sapa is that there are 4 seasons in a day. Specifically, ita��s cool in the morning like in spring, a bit sunny and hot at noon, autumn wind in the afternoon and cloudy with fog and cold at night like in winter.

Why should you check weather status in Sapa before your trip?

Sapa a�� The Fog City in winter

It is necessary that you should check weather forecast in Sapa about one week before travelling, which can help you more active in preparing needed equipment for your trip. However, keep in mind that weather in Sapa changes really fast, so dona��t forget to bring an umbrella and a light jacket (even in summer) with you everywhere you go.

In addition, knowing weather status can also help you choose the best place to visit with best view and safe driving during the trip.

Sapa immersed in fog during winter

According to the locala��s advice, you should check weather forecast at least 3 days before your trip to prepare winter clothing such as jacket, scarf, shoes or umbrella, in case it will get extremely cold at night. This is especially important when you travel by motorbikes because there are even hailing, iceballs and hoarfrost in winter sometimes.

Dona��t forget to bring umbrella and raincoat in case it rains. The time to travel is also important for bikers because rain season usually last from May to October, which takes up 80% of rainfall in Sapa over the year. It means that it rains much more than any other time in the year.

Check weather forecast before conquering Fansipan peak

Less tourists in rain season

Checking weather forecast is essential to adventurers who want to conquer Fansipan peak. Both physical strength and good weather are required in order to go hiking in Fansipan Mt. instead of going by cable cars.

Cold weather often goes with rain and fog, which makes it more challenging to go hiking on slopes and taking photos while surrounded by mosquitos and terrestrial leeches. So brace yourself and be well-prepared before travelling during this period of time. The best time to conquer Fansipan is between October and May of the next year.

Anything new about weather in the next 3 days?

Besides checking weather forecast, tourists should also keep in mind some other tips such as training your physical status by playing sports, eat properly and no alcoholic drinks before conquering the Roof of Indochina. Moreover, firstaid-kit is crucial for hiking as well.

Wonderful weather in autumn

To sum up, weather has a great affect on the quality of your trip no matter where you go. So dona��t forget to check weather forecast before your trip so that a great time in this land will be ensured for you and your crew.