Herbal bath of Red Dao people in Sapa


When visiting Sapa, tourists can not enjoy not only the delightful scenery, traditional festivals imbued with national identity, but also amazingly reviving herbal bath of Red Dao people. Made from longstanding types of herb in Sapa, this service of Red Dao people is a must to any tourist in this mountainous town.

Refresh yourself with herbal bath of the Red Dao

Herbal bath of Red Dao people in Sapa

Red Dao herbal water recipe is a traditional therapy. Many old villagers can read ancient books of the Dao, but no one knows exactly when this therapy was born. In Sapa, no matter ita��s summer or winter time, Red Dao people usually make a big fokienia-tubs of boiled-herb water for the whole family to use.

How to make herbal water of the Red Dao

How to make herbal water of Red Dao people in Sapa

The number of ingredients in Red Dao herbal water can vary from 10 to 100, depending on the purpose of the users and how experienced the bath maker is. Nonetheless, there are some crucial types of herb, including a�?A?p chA?a dA?u, quya�?n dA?i mA?y, na?? na?�m & A�A�n giA?n, etc.

Accoring to local peoplea��s guidance, wild fokienia wood, also known as a�?Pemou wooda�?, is believed to be the best material to make the tub used in herbal bath since Pemou wood aromatic essential oil will be extracted by hot water, making it a wonderful scent which may last for even a few days.

Relish herbal bath of Red Dao people

Based on the number of users, the amount of herbs used will be different. Normally, herbs is washed carefully and boiled for 3 hours until the water turns into red color with romantically typical scent. Then, ita��s mixed with warm water at 2:98 ratio so that the water temperature before using will be about 35C degrees. Average time to take herbal bath is 30 minutes.

After having bath, when your pores open, men should take some tonic alcohol good for kidneys and women should drink docynia indica alcohol to improve their sexual ability. Furthermore, frequent use of this is also good for digestive system and skin care.

Positive effects of using Red Dao herbal bath

amazing-effects-of-using-red-dao- herbal-bath
Amazing effects of using Red Dao herbal bath

Herbal bath can help customers, with essential oil of local herbs, reduce negative effects of alcohol in the body, musculoskeletal pain, rheumatism and improve their health. Moreover, Sapa herbs can also a simple natural treatment for skin disease such as ulcer, acnes and psoriasis, etc.

For postpartum mother, herbal bath can help customers boost blood circulation and improve skin conditions. Normally, Dao women use herbal bath one week after giving birth, which recovers their health status and lets them work on farm short after that without any side effects or reproductive system diseases.