Mystical beauty of foggy weather in Sapa


Therea��s nothing quite like wandering around Sapa in winter, when the small town is immersed into fog and everything seems to be as mystical as in Wonder Land. It will make you feel romantic, peaceful bu a little bit strange at the same time.

The fog city a�� mystical beauty of northwest Vietnam

Sapa is invaded by fog

Located at 1,600 meters above the sea level, Sapa is a mountainous district in the northwest of Vietnam, about 38 km from Lao Cai city and 376 km from Ha Noi. You can travel to Sapa by train, bus or motorbike.

Fog is found every-where in Sapa

hough Sapaa��s beauty changes every season, it can still melt your heart whenever you come here.

+ Autumn: you can see the Sun lands on terraced rice paddies with bright yellow color all over Sapa.

+ Summer: pretty sure that the air in Sapa will be cooler and fresher than that in the city.

+ Spring: Embracing the whole city are colorful flowers and buds, especially during festival time

+ WINTER:A�fog on the ground. Fog on the road. Fog around the house. Fog is everywhere. How charming and mysterious it is!

Sapa is all covered by a light grey veil

Fog in Sapa is so thick that only a few meters can separate you and your friends, and all you can touch when reaching your friends is the fog itself.

Sapa is famous for kinds of trees and flowers, including peach, plum and pine, etc. And these ornamentals are even more enchanting in foggy weather.

Some perfect places to enjoy the fog in Sapa the best could be listed as follows: Silver Waterfall, the Stone Church, Ham Rong mountain, Fansipan peak, Ta Phin, Ta Van and Lao Chai villages, etc.

Sapa beauty when ita��s clear

Ita��s not only natural beauty but also local people in Sapa that attract tourists, especially the picture of local children talking and playing around on the way to school, or old farmers working on farms to earn for their livings, or simply a young girl embroidering brocade clothes. All these images would engrave deeply in peoplea��s mind once they visit this beautiful land.

Local children playing regardless of cold weather in winterA�

Things to keep in mind in foggy weather in Sapa

Travellers may find it charming with Sapa fog but also difficult to go around sometimes, especially on the way from Lao Cai to Sapa. Here are things that you should remember to stay safe in such kind of weather.

Please dona��t forget to use your headlights when driving so that people can see you in the mist. Also, go slowly over rough terrain.

Sapa in misty and humid weather

Besides, tourists should prepare enough winter clothes such as coats, gloves and sneakers, specially when ita��s snowy because it would be slippery, even with landslide, snow storms and traffic jam sometimes.

Beautiful misty Sapa

Most of the tourists in Sapa share a common feelings that Sapa in foggy weather looks really western. It feels like buildings and trees are playing hide-and-seek with people. This is the reason why people consider Sapa the Fog City, one of the must-go destinations in Vietnam.