First time ever, you will have chance to witness New Year Party 2017 swaddled around by powdery snow in Sapa.

Sapa is covered by snow in New Year’s Even

❄️❄️ New year snow party in sapa ❄️❄️

?The event is hosted by SAPA JADE HILL RESORT for 02 days only, 23rd & 24th of this December, at Sapa Tourist Information Center – no. 2, Phanxipang street, right opposite to Sapa Stone Church.

?Enjoy a cozy but still exciting atmosphere of Christmas with:

Snow Festival in Sapa

? Street performances: with tons of New-Year songs played by professional musicians. Bet you can’t stand still without dancing! ?

? Outdoor BBQ party + Belgian beer: now, imagine you take a huge bite outta a chicken drumstick, drink Belgian beer, look around and all your friends do the same thing. Sounds great?

? Here comes over-30-dish buffet party that features both northwest Vietnam and western cuisines. There’s no such a place in Sapa that offers you a great buffet in a warm & cozy wooden house with candles and fireplace, I promise. This special atmosphere is available for 100 persons only. Register now, only VND 499k++ (about $22++) per person, to be on the list!

Street performances by pro musicians

? Traditional market of local ethnic minorities will be depicted vividly through various kiosks of local women with their typical handmade brocade clothes, scarves, purses and a lot more products.

? Event is the time to have fun. Lots of fun! When you come to this party, don’t miss these games: Darts, Giant Jenga and Makeup games. Oh wait! Don’t forget to take some photos with big-fat-tummy Santa Claus next to a 7-meter well-decorated palm tree ?

❄️ KEEP CALM: This event is FREE ENTRY ❄️

Buffet with over 30 dishes

 Feel free to come with your family, your friends and an army of tourists, both domestic and international ones, in this sacred moment of the year.

 Don’t be shy if you cannot speak English. Come and join your international friends ‘cuz in here we share, we hug, we talk to each other, we dance together in music and snow. This event is a great opportunity for you to break the language barrier.

Cute presents for tourists

 Don’t be surprised if your friends conquer your News Feed on Facebook with the photos of Western-like Christmas night, selfies with real snow and palm tree in a huge party of buffet and Belgian beer.

 Don’t let your heart jump out of your chest when you girlfriend, in this romantic space, says “Yes” to spend her life with you forever. Just prepare your sweet honest proposal. We already have a huge audience to back you up.

 With the attendance of many international news agencies, the event is a great opportunity for Sapa to promote its majestic nature as well as friendly people to the world.

Time hang out with friends this Christmas

?? Christmas in Sapa is always the hottest time of the year! Don’t waste any more second! Let’s enjoy the snow, the buffet and many other interesting activities of the event TODAY!

Nothing like cold weather in Sapa

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Reserve the buffet: 0203 771199 or 020 365 8888.

15% off for buffet reservations made before 18 Dec 2016.

P/s: Special offer – 20% off buffet price for guests staying at Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa

Come on! Get your most charming clothes and warmest scarves, pack them up and LET’S GO!


Suffering from bitter cold with old worn-out clothes and sandals, the smiles of the children in this “snow land” have never gone.

Angel smiles of children in Sapa

One of the most touching and common images you can see in Sapa is when winter comes and a little kid wearing old worn-out clothes is running on the street.

A lucky girl with thick jacket in a rainy day
kids -suffer -from-bitter-cold-in-sapa
Kids suffer from bitter cold in Sapa
warm-happy-smile-of-a -little -in-cold-weather
Warm happy smile of a little in cold weather
Charcoal oven is essential in these cold days
Local children have to bring oven and wear wellington boots to cope with glacial weather
A little girl with her mother. Dangerous terrain, snow and extremely cold weather make it more difficult for them to earn for a living
not-all-kids-are-lucky -to-have-boots-and-enough-clothes-to-wear-in-winter-looking-at-their-cold-bluish-feet-can-even-take-some-tears-from-you
Not all kids are lucky to have boots and enough clothes to wear in winter. Looking at their cold bluish feet can even take some tears from you
Parents hold their kids to keep them warm
sorrow-look-of-local -children-because-of-their-poor-living-condition-in-cold-winter-days
Sorrow look of local children because of their poor living condition in cold winter days
a-woman-is -sewing-worn-out-clothes-next-to-her-daughter-whose-lips-turn-bluish-black-because-of-cold-weather
A woman is sewing worn-out clothes next to her daughter whose lips turn bluish black because of cold weather.

Hopefully it would be warmer in the future for a better life of kids in Sapa.