Plum flowers melt your heart


Sapa is famous for not only its stunning views of the mountains but also the picturesque scenery of flowers all over the hill in spring. If you visit Sapa during this time (between winter and spring), make sure you take your time watching the dreamlike picture of purely white plum flowers in Sapa.

Season of plum flowers in Sapa

Best time to watch plum flowers falls in March

Hills in Sapa usually come into bloom with plum flowers by the end of the year, which means 2 or 3 weeks before Tet holiday or between winter and spring. It could vary depending on different weather conditions each year.

Plum flowers in full bloom in Moc Chau

Plum flowers bloom for only a short period, about two to three weeks, before green little bunches of plums appear. So if you want to admire the beauty of this flower, you should do a small research about plum flowers or get advice from travel agent in Sapa to know exactly when you should go to the land.

Immersed in purely white plum flowers

You should visit Sapa by the end of lunar year to watch plum flowers

You will be delighted to see hills of plum trees, their white blooms mingling with young and tender leaves. Beautiful plum flowers are fragile and pure, but they still bloom in early spring. Small plum flowers cover the skinny branches like a beautiful scarf.

Plum flowers are a bit different from other types of flower in Sapa. They are not as romantic as cherry, not as colorful as yellow apricot, but they are still enchanting with their purely white flowers, which are simple but lively in its own way.

Pure beauty of white plum and peach flowers

When coming to Sapa in plum blossoming season, you will find it impossible to resist the heavenly scenery of white plum flowers everywhere you go. Don’t forget to take as many photos as you can. That’s the reason why tourists, especially photographers and couples, often visit Sapa during this time to take photos of their trip or even their wedding album.

White plum flowers in Moc Chau

Moreover, tourists coming to Sapa this period of time can also relish several local spring festivals and specialities, which is considered one of the most outstanding elements of this tourist attraction.

First plum in blossoming season

Visiting Sapa in blossoming season is a favorite choice of most tourists for its dreamlike image of plum flowers. If you prefer trying plum to watching the flowers, you can go to Sapa in summer. Both these periods of time will make your trip unforgettable.