Sapa is one of the most favorite destinations in Vietnam for students who are young, adventurous and, as most people believe, “poor”. Don’t worry, guys! Here are some budget tours in Sapa for you to experience stunning view of this mountainous land with the most reasonable price.

Budget tours in Sapa for students

Sapa is famour not only for paroramic scenery but also diverse and colorful culture of local ethnic groups. It makes Sapa a top tourist attraction for adventurous people in general and young students in particular.


Some cheap tours in Sapa for students

Here are the information of some budget tours in Sapa for students. Let’s take a look.

02-night-01-day package tour in Sapa Jade Hill


– Length of stay: 02 days and 01 night

– Schedule: 7:00 am, Sat from Hanoi and 3:00 pm, Sun back to Hanoi

– Itinerary: Sapa town centre, Ham Rong Mt. and many other destinations

– Contact: hotline +84-203-771-199 or +84-462-686-686.

As scheduled, you will departure from Hanoi at 7 am on Saturday. About 15-20 minutes early presence is recommended.

If you don’t get carsick, take your time to enjoy majestic view of the mountains right in your car. And if you do, don’t worry because there are 2 stop stations on the way to Sapa for you to rest and have a meal.


At about midday, you will arrive in Muong Hoa valley on which lies Sapa Jade Hill resort. After checking in, having a bath, taking a short nap, you can relish various local specialities at the restaurant of the resort. Besides, you should not miss foot massage with Red Dao herbs, especially for those who get carsick because it may help you refresh yourself after a long drive.

When you’re fully recharged, let’s take a tour to the first destination, Ham Rong Mt. right at Sapa town centre, about 2km from the resort. After that, you can randomly visit Dong Duong orchid garden to enjoy colorful flowers, to Heavens Gate, Cloud Court and many other beautiful destination. Besides tourist attractions, you may also want to watch art performances of the local people at The Light restaurant.

If you’re interested in Sapa nightlife, this is a perfect tour for you in 2016. After having dinner, which is already included in the package, you and your friends can take a walk around Sapa town to experience local roasted street food such as pork, beef, eggs and corns, etc. or wander through souvenir shops to find some gifts for your family. Wait, you can consider travelling during weekend so that you will have an opportunity to join Love Market, a typical tradition in Sapa.


In 2017, these budget packages will still be available for you at Sapa Jade Hill. Imagine you wake up in the morning, take a deep breath of fresh air, step outside and stand on the top of the hill surrounded by fog and birdsongs. Downhill at the restaurant of Sapa Jade Hill resort, a buffet of both Western and Asian cuisine is waiting for you from 7:30 to 8:30.

Then, you can start your journey at 9:00 by a biking or hiking package with our experienced tourguide, who will take you to ethnic villages around the resort. Don’t forget to go back to Sapa Jade Hill for lunch. In the afternoon, it’s time you got back to your villa and pack up for leaving at about 3 pm.


03-day-02-night package at Sapa Jade Hill

– Length of stay: 03 days and 02 nights

– Schedule: 7 am Fri from Hanoi, 3pm Sun back to Hanoi

– Transportation: by a high-class Limousine with free wifi and air conditioners

– Contact: +84-203-771-199 or +84-462-686-686.

– Itinerary:


At about midday, you will arrive in Muong Hoa valley on which lies Sapa Jade Hill resort. After checking in, having a bath, taking a short nap, you can relish various local specialities at the restaurant of the resort. Besides, you should not miss foot massage with Red Dao herbs, especially for those who get carsick because it may help you refresh yourself after a long drive.

This is a great chance for you to try local specialities such as bamboo cooked rice, black pig and Sapa bok choy. If you have tried these dishes already, a top-class buffet always waits for you at Sapa Jade Hill. When you’re fully recharged, let’s take a tour to the first destination, Ham Rong Mt. right at Sapa town centre, about 2km from the resort. After that, you can randomly visit Dong Duong orchid garden to enjoy colorful flowers, to Heavens Gate, Cloud Court and many other beautiful destination. Besides tourist attractions, you may also want to watch art performances of the local people at The Light restaurant.


Should you prefer travelling by yourself to taking fixed tours, there’re various budget options for you to choose. But keep in mind that it means you have to prepare every single thing for your trip.

Hopefully the information above will be useful for you when choosing a tour/package for your upcoming trip with your friends and family.


Under Fansipan Mt. – the roof of Indochina – lies a big salmon farm, which is home-sweet-home to the famous salmon genus worldwide named rainbow trout (ca hoi van).

Salmon farm in Sapa amazes most tourists

People visit and choose their favorite one for lunch

Vietnamese rainbow trout farming has been on a steady state of growthfor a moiety decade. In the early 2000’s there were no cold-dihydrogen monoxide aquaculture, in 2009 twelve cold-dihydrogen monoxide fish farms were in operation in Northern and Central Highlands, and today more than 100 farms are engendering cold dihydrogen monoxide fish.

The future of Vietnamese rainbow trout farming is promising: the capacity of the breeding programme will be greatly enlarged through the present Vietnamese investment in recirculation of dihydrogen monoxide in RCCA. In mundane fish farming the dihydrogen monoxide is permeating the farm only once. In recirculation the dihydrogen monoxide is utilized an abundance of times and the amount of dihydrogen monoxide needed for the engenderment of e.g. liter of eggs is only some percent in comparison with mundane farming.

Experience salmon up on Silver Waterfall in Sapa

However, farmers/companies do not buy eggs or fingerlings from a source with reputation of nasty infections. The aversion of infectious diseases in RCCA is thus of prime paramountcy for the future of the Vietnamese rainbow trout farming. Infections can be transmitted by several ways, but by far their most paramount way is along with live fish, live eggs and conveyance implements. Live fish conveyance to the farm is of course the most perilous way, but Finnish experience has shown the spread e.g. IPN-virus can occur even tens of kilometers to both wild and farmed fish at downstream.

Visit Koi fish farm in Sapa

RCCA is the crown jewel of Vietnamese rainbow trout farming and stringent biosecurity measures must be implemented in the farm and its dihydrogen monoxide sources. One good risk avoidance strategy is to spread fish material from breeding nucleus to other stations. These fish work both as test and reserve populations for breeding.

Vietnamese rainbow trout farming is dynamic and remuneratively lucrative. To keep it as such, care is needed in buying incipient material. The farming in Vietnam is not self-adequate, yet. Ergo, the development of good quality with disease free hatcheries on the substructure of eggs from RCCA must be a goal for the coming years. The incipient recirculation system (RAS) in RCCA will be very useful in this.

Sturgeon farm in Sapa is also worth being visited

Sturgeon farm in Sapa, Lao Cai

Sturgeons are a high-value species, especially their eggs which are made into caviar. They have been introduced into aquaculture in Vietnam in an effort to utilize the availability of gelid-dihydrogen monoxide resources, especially lakes and reservoirs, and have become a major cultured fish in highland and mountainous areas. With the development of sturgeon aquaculture in the cold-dihydrogen monoxide areas of the north and central highland provinces, Vietnam has made its way onto the list of the top ten sturgeon engenderers in the world, along with China, Russia, Italy, Bulgaria, Iran, the US, France, Poland and Germany, according to the Food and Agriculture Association (FAO).

Beneficial salmon and sturgeon farms in Sapa

Vietnamese own rainbow trout will show best magnification performance and victual conversion ratio in Vietnam only after a few years. This will be due to the breeding programme, which develops a strain concretely habituated to for Vietnamese circumstances. One of the main traits ameliorated together with magnification and health is temperature tolerance, i.e. adaptation of fish to grow well both in mountains and in lower areas with more steady but withal warmer dihydrogen monoxide sources. In order to get plenary profit of this, biosecurity in the industry must be an over riding goal in the coming years.


The world’s longest three-rope cable car system, extending from the northern Lao Cai Province’s Sapa Town to Fansipan peak, the construction of the cable car is being carried out in the first phase of the Fansipan Sapa tourism complex. This is a must-try way to conquer Fansipan peak in Sapa for every tourist.

Overview of cable car system in Sapa

Cable cars to Fansipan peak in Lao Cai

The Fansipan Sa Pa system will take tourists from the Muong Hoa Valley to the 3,143 meter peak of Fansipan Mountain, Indochina’s highest summit. Measuring 6,282 meters, the Fansipan Sa Pa has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest three-rope cable car route. It also sets a record as the world’s biggest ascent between the departure and arrival, measuring at 1,410 meters.

This is the only cable car system in the world that does not include rescue system since passengers will be taken down to mountain foot safe and sound in any case.

Experience with cable cars to Fansipan peak

It normally takes climbers two days to cross the challenging route to reach the top of Fansipan, but everyone can now touch what is also known as ‘Indochina’s Roof’ within 15 minutes thanks to the cable car system. Each cable car is capable of carrying 30 to 35 passengers, and the whole system can transport up to 2,000 tourists per hour. The system is resilient to extreme weather in the northern mountainous province, with the developer insisting that everyone, including children and the elderly, can now explore Fansipan’s peak.

Is that expensive to travel by cable car?

Promotion packages are applied in Sapa

Prices for cable cars fare includes 2 levels. For adults VND 600,000 and children from 1.1-1.3m tall about VND 400,000 and free for children under 1m tall. Tickets are 2-way type and can be used during the day. So keep it carefully for you have to hand it back when coming down. Remember that the tickets are non-refundable.

During holidays, the number of tourists could get really high. If you don’t want to wait for too long queuing to buy a ticket, you can book a ticket in advance via prestigious travel agent and get a code from them. You can bring the code to the ticket office and get what you need.

The last station at the height of 3,000m

Experience cable cars to Fansipan peak

15 minutes sitting in the cable cars can bring passengers wonderful moments with it stunning views from above such as Hoang Lien Mountain range, Muong Hoa Valley and the forests, etc. The higher you get, the colder it is and the more cable cars vibrate. After reaching the last station, tourists have to take another 600-step way to finally conquer Fansipan peak, the roof of Indochina.

Besides, you can also visit many other destinations around Fansipan Legend area including Bamboo Garden, local temples and souvenir shops, etc.

cable-cars-to-fansipan-peak- in-sapa
Cable cars to Fansipan peak in Sapa

Tips before going by cable cars in Sapa

– No cumbersome luggage is allowed.

– Prepare your winter clothing for it’s only about 8 Celcius degrees up there.

– Watch out when you climb. You’re thousands meters away from the ground.

– Weak air on Fansipan peak could lead to lower blood pressure and suffocation.


For those who are going to get married, having a wonderful wedding album is very important for it’s a way to keep the happy moments of their life.

Best places to take wedding photos in Sapa

You are looking for a place Sapa to take photos for your wedding?

If you want to have a gorgeous and unique wedding album, why don’t you try it in Sapa – one of the hottest tourist attractions in Vietnam?

With majestic natural scenery and various ethnic groups living together, Sapa offers you several places to take photos for your wedding album as follows.

1. Ethnic villages

Sapa brings you a beautiful wedding album

If you prefer simple style like daily activities or traditional costumes of the local, you can visit Cat Cat, Ta Phin, Ta Van and Cau May villages, etc.

In these villages, you not only can refresh yourself  with houses immersed in the fog, endless roads hiding behind the trees but also create a vintage look for your wedding album.

2. Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa

Taking wedding photos in Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa

With international standard, Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa is becoming a top eco-tourist attraction in Vietnam. Located on top of the 2 hills looking right down on Muong Hoa valley and surrounded by terraced rice paddies, mountains and villages of ethic groups, you can have a great trip here while taking this chance to make your awesome album in the resort. Spending your honeymoon here sounds not bad as well.

3. Ham Rong Mt. and The Stone Church

Picturesque wedding photo taken in Ham Rong Mt.

Most of the wedding albums taken in Sapa include photos of these 2 places.

The most wonderful thing is that when you’re standing on the top of Ham Rong mountain, in front of your eyes will be the miniature of the whole Sapa with both natural and artificial features. Opening since 1996, Ham Rong Mountain has been attracted millions of tourists each year, and the number is getting more and more.

The Stone Church in Sapa, which was built by the French and now has been preserved since 1895, is a must-see destination in Sapa. The church includes the areas such as the church area, Parish House, angel church, Sacred Gardens, House of the priest, etc. With its Gothic Roman architecture, the church owns great religious value to the Christians.

4. Muong Hoa Valley

Young couple in the Love Valley of Sapa

Muong Hoa valley is about 8 km southeast of Sapa town. Its romantic beauty added to some primeval nature and the cultural diversity of local ethnic groups. In the middle of the valley is a stream with a romantic name- “Flower stream”. The 15 km long stream flows peacefully through the valley and villages including Lao Chai, Ta Van, Hau Thao, meandering along the mountain foot, nourishing the earth and the people. Because of these factors, many young couples decided to come here to take photos for their wedding. 

6. Rattan Bridge

Wonderful view of the Rattan Bridge

Rattan bridge is specially beautiful in misty days when the fog is blown up from Muong Hoa stream, which makes tourist feel like walking on clouds in heaven. That’s why many people believe that the name “May” has another meaning of “clouds” in Vietnamese. The bridge has not only aesthetic but also economic values to local tourism. The bridge used to be the only way that connect local people in Ta Van village to Sapa town for trading.

Some can even choose to wear local costumes for better look of their wedding album. Cau May is not only an ideal place for taking photos but also a romantic place for youngsters to show their love to each other.


Rose valley in Sapa is considered Love Valley in Da Lat, which is also romantically beautiful. Rose Valley has been also an increasingly attractive destination to both domestic and foreign travellers in Sapa.

Enchanting look of roses in Sapa

The beauty of Sapa ancient roses

Origin of Sapa ancient roses

Ancient Rose, sometimes called French rose, is an Euroupean type of plant of the genus Rosa in the family Roseceae, with hair and thorns. Tourist usually visit Sapa in spring when French roses start to bloom everywhere, in the garden, in the partk and on the sidewalks.

The beauty of French roses in Sapa

Ancient roses in Sapa is distinctive when compared with other types of rose due to its large branches with lots of buds and flowers. In full bloom, French roses can reach the size of a small bowl. Centre cane is tall and straight, which attracts most plant – lovers even with high prices.

Favorite choice of plant lovers

Ancient roses in Sapa are as pinkish as cherry blossoms with pleasant scent. In addition, this type of flower also has a special meaning with the local. Behind its beauty is a super vitality to survive in harsh weather condition, which is considered the power of love. This is the reason why it’s believed that if a young couple watch ancient rose, they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Ancient rose is a favorite type of flower to many people

Discover the beauty of ancient roses in Sapa

Visiting Rose Valley from March to November, tourist will enjoy the scent of millions ecstatic roses bloom in the morning. Spending one night in the resort, next morning when you wake up, you find yourself you are lost in the fairy garden where roses are blooming. It is so romantic and exciting if you hold your lover’s hand and walk through the winding stone walkways and admire the beautiful picture of blooming roses in 2 roadsides.

In spring, the pink peach garden, plum garden will let you feel like you are traveling in Japan on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Visitors not only admire the romantic, poetic picture, but also enjoy the chilly air in foggy weather. It is so exciting if visiting Rose Valley in summer, because this time visitors can enjoy the characteristic fruits of this local.

Charming look of ancient roses in Sapa

Moreover, tourists also have the opportunity to experience more types of entertainment, namely warm water swimming pool, particular reading room, billiards room, conference room, ethnic cultural performance, system of unique restaurant and bar; simultaneously, the resort has brought various types of tours such as hiking, conquering Fansipan and walking to explore the village culture in operation. Travel to Sapa thus becomes more and more attractive.


There no need to travel to Japan if you love the fragile beauty of cherry blossoms and want to have a chance to admire the shimmering pink and white flowers. Vietnam can meet your preferences there. Go Sapa to witness this romantic setting.

When is the season of cherry blossoms?

Heart – warming beauty of cherry blossoms on Sapa

When is blossoming season of peach flowers?

Da Lat is not the only place in Vietnam with ideal climate to grow cherry blossoms. The Japanese flowering cherry groves are planted in central lakeside of Sapa. The flowers are blooming always attract tourists to visit, explore and take souvenir photos. On the occasion of Sapa town became 100 years old, Japan gave the town like a gift of Friendship Association Japan – Vietnam in 2003.

Cherry blossoms planted in central lakeside of the town brilliant bloom on the first days of a new year, attracted many tourists to admire. Flowers usually bloom within about 6-12 days, tourists should come and see before they wither. Cherry blossom is a highlight for tourists to Sapa in the early days of the year.

Flawless beauty of cherry blossoms in Sapa

Plum and cherry blossom flowers in northwest Vietnam

There are many types of cherry blossoms in Japan but in Sapa, there are only 3 main types with 3 colors namely light pink, reddish pink and white. Cherry petals are thin and fragile, but when they are in full bloom, nothing can be compared to that pure Japanese beauty.

Due to their heart-melting look, more and more peple, especially young couples, come to Sapa in spring for taking photos for their wedding album with cherry blossoms.

Poetic beauty of Sapa

There’s nothing quite like watching cherry blossoms in Sapa in their blooming season and letting cherry petals fall on your head after each naughty wind. This feeling can melt the strongest heart with the beauty and charming small of cherry blossoms.

Things you might not know about cherry blossoms

If you do love this type of flower, you may want to know these things before visiting Sapa for witnessing cherry blossoms.

Blooming season of cherry in Sapa

Tied to the Buddhist themes of mortality, mindfulness and living in the present, Japanese cherry blossoms are a timeless metaphor for human existence. Blooming season is powerful, glorious and intoxicating, but tragically short-lived — a visual reminder that our lives, too, are fleeting.

Symbol of beauty and  modesty

Sakura are also revered as a symbol of rebirth. Hanami was in fact established as a ritual as early as 710, long before the rise of feudal Japan. Believed to represent the mountain deities that transformed into the gods of rice paddies in Japanese folk religions, cherry blossom trees signified agricultural reproduction.

‘Lost’ in one of the most beautiful flower path in Vietnam

Besides cherry blossoms, you can also enjoy the beauty of azaleas and many other unique mountainous flowers of Sapa. Thus, don’t miss the chance to visit Sapa during blooming season of cherry blossoms with your family and friends to experience the world of flowers yourselves.


Sapa is famous for not only its stunning views of the mountains but also the picturesque scenery of flowers all over the hill in spring. If you visit Sapa during this time (between winter and spring), make sure you take your time watching the dreamlike picture of purely white plum flowers in Sapa.

Season of plum flowers in Sapa

Best time to watch plum flowers falls in March

Hills in Sapa usually come into bloom with plum flowers by the end of the year, which means 2 or 3 weeks before Tet holiday or between winter and spring. It could vary depending on different weather conditions each year.

Plum flowers in full bloom in Moc Chau

Plum flowers bloom for only a short period, about two to three weeks, before green little bunches of plums appear. So if you want to admire the beauty of this flower, you should do a small research about plum flowers or get advice from travel agent in Sapa to know exactly when you should go to the land.

Immersed in purely white plum flowers

You should visit Sapa by the end of lunar year to watch plum flowers

You will be delighted to see hills of plum trees, their white blooms mingling with young and tender leaves. Beautiful plum flowers are fragile and pure, but they still bloom in early spring. Small plum flowers cover the skinny branches like a beautiful scarf.

Plum flowers are a bit different from other types of flower in Sapa. They are not as romantic as cherry, not as colorful as yellow apricot, but they are still enchanting with their purely white flowers, which are simple but lively in its own way.

Pure beauty of white plum and peach flowers

When coming to Sapa in plum blossoming season, you will find it impossible to resist the heavenly scenery of white plum flowers everywhere you go. Don’t forget to take as many photos as you can. That’s the reason why tourists, especially photographers and couples, often visit Sapa during this time to take photos of their trip or even their wedding album.

White plum flowers in Moc Chau

Moreover, tourists coming to Sapa this period of time can also relish several local spring festivals and specialities, which is considered one of the most outstanding elements of this tourist attraction.

First plum in blossoming season

Visiting Sapa in blossoming season is a favorite choice of most tourists for its dreamlike image of plum flowers. If you prefer trying plum to watching the flowers, you can go to Sapa in summer. Both these periods of time will make your trip unforgettable.


Sapa is not only known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam but also a wonderful place for organic farming. That’s the reason why a lot of organic farms are mushrooming in Sapa recently to supply ‘fresh’ agricultural products for both domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at the farms and see how many types of products there are and how ‘fresh’ they are.

Potential of organic farms in Sapa

Overview of green agricultural co-operative in Sapa

Over the past few years, Sapa agriculture has been developing very fast, which not only contributes to agricultural productivity to bring more development opportunities to Sapa but also meets the need of organic products for local and international markets.

With suitable weather for growing plants, organic farming in Sapa is upgrading from household model to large farms or even agriculture cooperatives. There are now 8 businesses, both Vietnamese and international, are running organic farms including Mai Anh agriculture cooperative, Hoa Loi company, Nong Lien Taiwan company and Sapa Green Agriculture Cooperative, etc.

irrigation-sprinklers- used-on-farms
Irrigation sprinklers used on farms

Like many other organic facilities, “green” farms in Sapa also consider customers’ safety as the tmost important factor. Latest technology, limited microbiological and chemical fertilizers are used with almost no pesticide or preservative. Furthermore, all products are carefully checked and licensed before being sent to the market.

You should not miss the chance to visit these organic farms in Sapa

When visiting Sapa, tourists can not only enjoy majestic view of this mountainous area but also have a chance to visit local green farms, one of which is Sapa Green Agriculture Cooperative (SAPA GACo) in Sa Seng hamlet, Ta Phin commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province run by Mr. Phung Xuan An.

Organic farms in Sapa similar to those in Da Lat

Covering about 3 ha with 7,000 m2 of glass house built in 2014, the farm is applying Israeli irrigation system for better crops. Coming to this farmland, tourists can not only see how the greenest vegetables of Sapa are made but also experience planting and gathering crops like local farmers.

Sapa is chosen to deploy this farming model in Lao Cai

There are various types of vegetables in SAPA GACO including kohlrabi, local brassica chinensis, green bean, Chinese broccoli, cabbage and broccoli, etc. All vegetables are watered with clean water and fertilized with limited amount of chemical fertilizer. Plants are protected with nets, worms are collected by hand. It makes the products completely fresh and ‘green’.

Trellis of chayote in Sapa

SAPAGACo in particular and all organic farms in Lao Cai province in general have been providing to not only many supermarkets in Hanoi and other provinces but also international market.

These mushrooming organic farms are now making great contribution to the development of national agriculture and playing an essential role in supplying green food nationwide and worldwide.

Local brassica chinensis

“Mam da”, local brassica chinensis breed is not only tasty but also good for health, especially for bone, joint and recovery after excessive drinking. These healthy organic veggies are now available in most supermarkets in Vietnam.


One of the most famous destinations on the list is Ham Rong Mountain. Only 3km away from the town centre, this is the first place that every tourist want to go, either by bike or on foot, when coming to Sapa.

Way to Ham Rong Mt. in Sapa

Watch Sapa miniature from Ham Rong Mt

Situated in Hoang Lien Mountain range, Ham Rong Mt. is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam with symbolic meaning of its name.

Started work in 1996, Ham Rong resorts has 148 hectares width, which fully exploited the wild character, nature of the moss stone forest. This is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Sapa, which enchants all travelers with its natural primeval beauty merged with magnificent artificial constructions.

A small corner of Ham Rong Mountain

Only 3km away from the town centre, this is the first place that every tourist want to go, either by bike or on foot, when coming to Sapa. To enter the area, a 75.000VND ticket is required.

What attracts tourists in Ham Rong?

Get ‘lost’ in the world of flowers

A small garden in Ham Rong Mt.

If you have ever been to Da Lat and get allured by hydrangea flowers, you will see flowers in Ham Rong feature distinctive beauty and deserves to be rival of flowers in Da Lat. Hydrangea flowers are not too showy, only light pink, blue or white but because they grow into clusters right on the soil and bloom for long days, wherever the hydrangea flowers appear, that place is full of vitality dissolving the coldness and arideness of upland region…

Peach garden – Heaven on Earth

Colorful flowers in Ham Rong

Coming to Ham Rong in spring, tourists will have chance to enjoy fairy beauty of old peach garden. At this place, the peach trees beautify the fresh atmosphere with pink blossoms. Somewhere, tourists can find pure white color of plum blossoms.

Touch the Heaven Gate

In order to take a closer look at the dragon head, you may want to head up to the heaven gate at the height of 1,700m, where the whole Sapa town is embraced by cloud in front of your eyes. This is a perfect place to take photos of the heaven-like scenery.

ham-rong-mountain -park
Ham Rong Mountain Park

Hang Tam Mon

Before coming to the gate of heaven, Tam Mon cave is also a leisure destination that many people remember forever. The cave is just enough for one person to go inside. One side is two cliffs with stone steps and the other side is an immense sky, where people enjoy camping and eating local wild fruit such as peach, pear, plum, etc.

Daily activities of the local ethnic areas

Waves of tourists visit Ham Rong Mt. in Sapa

In Ham Rong Mountain, tourists can not only discover the primeval beauty of Sapa but also explore daily activities of the local ethnic people, who inhabit a specific area of the mountain. Here you can find traditional cultures, costumes in the stilt-houses of Hmong, Red Dao, Xa Pho or Tay people. In addition, you can also relish traditional performances twice a day on request.

San May (Cloud Yard)

Heavenly view from San May

Heavenly view from San May

San May is known as the most ideal location to view Sapa. At the height of 1.800 m above sea level, tourists can feel the harmony between sky and earth. Don’t waste your time, pack you bag and travel to Sapa in this spring to enjoy fresh air and dramatic landscape of Sapa. It definitely won’t let you down.


You’re so excited about your first trip to Sapa; however, you have no idea how to get there, what to eat and where to stay, etc. There are too many things to prepare before the trip, but don’t forget to check the weather forecast in Sapa during your trip so that you can enjoy it the best.

What is the weather like in the next few days?

Check weather forecast before your trip

Sapa, with its temperate climate, is usually cool year round with average temperature at about 15 Celcius degrees. This land is considered Da Lat of northern Vietnam with waves of tourists, both domestic and international, every day.

Normally it’s not too hot in summer with average temperature at about 20-25C degrees during daytime and 13-15C degrees at night. Nevertheless, it could be really cold in winter when it gets down to below 0C degree, which interests many tourists with snow in Sapa.

Frozen trees in winter

The most special thing about weather in Sapa is that there are 4 seasons in a day. Specifically, it’s cool in the morning like in spring, a bit sunny and hot at noon, autumn wind in the afternoon and cloudy with fog and cold at night like in winter.

Why should you check weather status in Sapa before your trip?

Sapa – The Fog City in winter

It is necessary that you should check weather forecast in Sapa about one week before travelling, which can help you more active in preparing needed equipment for your trip. However, keep in mind that weather in Sapa changes really fast, so don’t forget to bring an umbrella and a light jacket (even in summer) with you everywhere you go.

In addition, knowing weather status can also help you choose the best place to visit with best view and safe driving during the trip.

Sapa immersed in fog during winter

According to the local’s advice, you should check weather forecast at least 3 days before your trip to prepare winter clothing such as jacket, scarf, shoes or umbrella, in case it will get extremely cold at night. This is especially important when you travel by motorbikes because there are even hailing, iceballs and hoarfrost in winter sometimes.

Don’t forget to bring umbrella and raincoat in case it rains. The time to travel is also important for bikers because rain season usually last from May to October, which takes up 80% of rainfall in Sapa over the year. It means that it rains much more than any other time in the year.

Check weather forecast before conquering Fansipan peak

Less tourists in rain season

Checking weather forecast is essential to adventurers who want to conquer Fansipan peak. Both physical strength and good weather are required in order to go hiking in Fansipan Mt. instead of going by cable cars.

Cold weather often goes with rain and fog, which makes it more challenging to go hiking on slopes and taking photos while surrounded by mosquitos and terrestrial leeches. So brace yourself and be well-prepared before travelling during this period of time. The best time to conquer Fansipan is between October and May of the next year.

Anything new about weather in the next 3 days?

Besides checking weather forecast, tourists should also keep in mind some other tips such as training your physical status by playing sports, eat properly and no alcoholic drinks before conquering the Roof of Indochina. Moreover, firstaid-kit is crucial for hiking as well.

Wonderful weather in autumn

To sum up, weather has a great affect on the quality of your trip no matter where you go. So don’t forget to check weather forecast before your trip so that a great time in this land will be ensured for you and your crew.