For the smile of children in Sapa – “the snow land”


Suffering from bitter cold with old worn-out clothes and sandals, the smiles of the children in this “snow land” have never gone.

Angel smiles of children in Sapa

One of the most touching and common images you can see in Sapa is when winter comes and a little kid wearing old worn-out clothes is running on the street.

A lucky girl with thick jacket in a rainy day
kids -suffer -from-bitter-cold-in-sapa
Kids suffer from bitter cold in Sapa
warm-happy-smile-of-a -little -in-cold-weather
Warm happy smile of a little in cold weather
Charcoal oven is essential in these cold days
Local children have to bring oven and wear wellington boots to cope with glacial weather
A little girl with her mother. Dangerous terrain, snow and extremely cold weather make it more difficult for them to earn for a living
not-all-kids-are-lucky -to-have-boots-and-enough-clothes-to-wear-in-winter-looking-at-their-cold-bluish-feet-can-even-take-some-tears-from-you
Not all kids are lucky to have boots and enough clothes to wear in winter. Looking at their cold bluish feet can even take some tears from you
Parents hold their kids to keep them warm
sorrow-look-of-local -children-because-of-their-poor-living-condition-in-cold-winter-days
Sorrow look of local children because of their poor living condition in cold winter days
a-woman-is -sewing-worn-out-clothes-next-to-her-daughter-whose-lips-turn-bluish-black-because-of-cold-weather
A woman is sewing worn-out clothes next to her daughter whose lips turn bluish black because of cold weather.

Hopefully it would be warmer in the future for a better life of kids in Sapa.