With natural beauty of mountainous area in northwest Vietnam, Cat Cat has been one of the top tourist attractions in Sapa. Let’s see what we’ve got there.

Cát Cát village in Sapa – the most beautiful village in northwest Vietnam

Northwestern Sapa view from above

Cat Cat is the most popular attraction in Sapa district, just a few minutes of walking distance from Sapa, there is no need to hire a guide but your visit will be better if you have one. There is an entre fee of 40,000 VND (current price could be different, please check before your trip) and you will be able to see the local people living their simple life.

Here you can relieve all the stress from work and enjoy a purely natural environment and unique culture of the local.

Cat Cat village location

Cát Cát village is located in San Sa Ho commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province, which is home to a large number of Hmong people. This is considered one of the top destinations in Sapa.

The village lies at the foot of Hoang Lien Son mountain range, in a valley with mountains on three sides, where the Hmong people live. With the natural landscape and beauty in Hmong culture of this place has created for Cat Cat a strange attraction for tourists to visit this village.

Anything interesting in Cat Cat village?

Refresh your soul with stunning view in Sapa

The village has nearly 80 houses along the brick-paved path, some ones on the mountain sides. Following some hundred steps to Cat Cat center, visitors are attracted by the beauty of Tien Sa, Gold, Silver streams and Cat Cat Waterfall where many tourists stop to take photograph on the Si or A Lu suspension bridges..

H’mong houses in Cat Cat village

Besides cultivating and breeding, they have maintained many traditional handicrafts, remarkably growing cotton, flax and clothing weave. Owing to looms, Mong women have made colorful weaved clothing with many patterns imitating trees, leafs, flowers and animals.

Innocent gestures of local children

Cat Cat village is famous with manipulating silver, copper or aluminum jewelry, one of traditional and long term handicraft, which has creates extremely sophisticated products. Visiting here, tourists can buy women jewelry such as necklace, arms, rings, etc., as souvenirs.

Primeval nature and unique traditions and cultures of Hmong people in Cat Cat village attract not only Vietnamese but also international tourists all the time.

The beauty of Cat Cat village in Sapa

Guests will also have the opportunity to learn about the unique dishes of Hmong ethnic group. Hmong people in Cat Cat have a wide range of dishes with unique and various ways of preparing such as corn wine, smoked meat, corn cake, “Thắng Cố”, etc.