The beauty of Rattan Bridge in Sapa


Rattan Bridge (Cau May) in Sapa, whose name explains what ita��s made from, is a well-known bridge over Muong Hoa stream. It is 20km to the southeast of Sapa town centre.

The beauty ofA�Rattan bridgeA�through the eyes of tourists

Rattan bridge in Ta Van village

Rattan bridge in Ta Van village

Rattan bridge is specially beautiful in misty days when the fog is blown up from Muong Hoa stream, which makes tourist feel like walking on clouds in heaven. Thata��s why many people believe that the name a�?Maya�? has another meaning of a�?cloudsa�? in Vietnamese. The bridge has not only aesthetic but also economic values to local tourism.

The bridge used to be the only way that connect local people in Ta Van village to Sapa town for trading. However, ita��s been weathered over time and in bad condition nowadays.

The bridge was mended and now used by tourists only

The bridge was mended and now used by tourists only

Along with the development of Sapa tourism, more and more tourists visit this old bridge. Though it was repaired and became a rattan-wood bridge, spefically for travelers, make sure youa��re brave enough first because the gaps between the wooden steps are about 20cm, which would definitely scare lots of people. However, that could be the reason why people want to go there.

Rattan bridge is also an ideal place for wedding photos. And one album leads to another. More and more couples visit the bridge and take turn to shoot their wedding photos on the bridge.

The old Cau May street in th downtown

The old Cau May street in the downtown

Cau May street was built by French people since 1905, and now becomes a busy area with many restaurants and hotels.

There is also a hotel named after the bridge a�� Cau May Hotel, a well-known accommodation for tourists, from which travelers can easily visit every corner of Sapa town or other famous atttractions such as Muong Hoa valley, Ham Rong Mountain, Love Market and The Stone Church, etc. As located in the downtown, tourists staying in Cau May Hotel can also go shopping or hang out together and enjoy Vietnamese barbecue along with San Lung alcohol at night.

Muong Hoa Valley View villas

Muong Hoa Valley View villas

Cau May Hotel in SapaA�also offers tons of other services like public wifi, smoking room, 24/7 reception, cafeteria, currency exchange and other amenities such as soft drinks, snacks, ironing board, hair-dryer, TV, tub and bath, etc.

If youa��re not interested in staying in a hotel, you can visit Sapa Jade Hill Resort & Spa a�� a luxurious resort in Sapa with different packages that can even meet your special need, including Twin Villas, Plum Garden Villas, Mountainside Villas and Muong Hoa Valley View (Panorama View) Villas, etc.