Tourist attractions in Sapa


You have no idea where to go in Sapa in your very first trip here? Let Sapa Jade Hill help you. In each place, you can not only enjoy fabulous mountainous scenery but also learn more about cultura features as well as ethnic customs through impressive experiences with the local.

Sapa tourist attractionsA�a�� Ham Rong Mountain

Where is that?

One of the most famous destinations on the list is Ham Rong Mountain. Only 3km away from the town centre, this is the first place that every tourist want to go, either by bike or on foot, when coming to Sapa.

The most wonderful thing is that when youa��re standing on the top of Ham Rong mountain, in front of your eyes will be the miniature of the whole Sapa with both natural and artificial features. Opening since 1996, Ham Rong Mountain has been attracted millions of tourists each year, and the number is getting more and more.

Hang TiA?n (The Cave of Fairies) Sapa

Another famous destination in Sapa is The Cave of Fairies, which is famous for not only is primeval beauty but also the story behind it.

The epic Cave of Fairies in Sapa

The Cave of Fairies is related to the myth about three fairies asking their father, the king of Heaven, to let them go down to the earth for one day. Enchanted by the beauty of the earth, they turned out to forget their obligation to return to heaven.

As a result, the kind got furious; he told another god called Thien Loi to seek and punish them. At first, the fairies hid in a cave 200 meter high above the sea level, but they could not get away from Thien Loi. He stepped on the mountain, breaking a part of it into pieces. Knowing that they could never escape and their father would never forgive them, the three fairies jumped off the cave. The river carried their bodies to its lower course, where we find Bao Nhai district nowadays.

The Catholic Church (Stone Church)

The Stone Church in Sapa, which was built by the French and now has been preserved since 1895, is a must-see destination in Sapa.

Antique look of Sapa Stone Church

The church includes the areas such as the church area, Parish House, angel church, Sacred Gardens, House of the priest, etc. With its Gothic Roman architecture, the church owns great religious value to the Christians.

Silver Waterfall

Magnificent view from Silver Waterfall in Sapa

Silver Waterfall is located about 12 km from Sapa town. From the high mountain with hundreds of meters, with more than 200m elevation, the waterfall is upstream of Muong Hoa stream and pours down the stream all year round with white water.

Some other recommendations for Sapa Tours

a�� Conquering Fansipan peak a�� The roof of Indochina

Fansipan peak in the northwest Vietnam

a�� Cat Cat village
a�� Ta Phin village
a�� Muong Hoa valley a�� The Ancient Stone Field
a�� Heaven Gate
a�� Coc San
How about the entrance fee in these places? It differs between one and another. More specifically, it would be VND 70,000/adult and VND 20,000/child to enter Ham Rong Mountain, VND 50,000/person at Cat Cat village, VND 15,000/person at Silver Waterfall and VND 30,000/person in Ta Phin.

The whole Cat Cat village from above

In short, the cost is quite low. It means you can freely travel around Sapa to discover its natural scenery as well as local cutltures of ethnic groups. Series of interesting experiences are waiting for you.

Here are some suggestions of the most beautiful places in Sapa for your next trip. Hopefully ita��s useful for you in discovering this wonderful land of Vietnam.