Visit organic farms in Sapa


Sapa is not only known as one of the most famous tourist attractions in Vietnam but also a wonderful place for organic farming. That’s the reason why a lot of organic farms are mushrooming in Sapa recently to supply ‘fresh’ agricultural products for both domestically and internationally. Let’s take a look at the farms and see how many types of products there are and how ‘fresh’ they are.

Potential of organic farms in Sapa

Overview of green agricultural co-operative in Sapa

Over the past few years, Sapa agriculture has been developing very fast, which not only contributes to agricultural productivity to bring more development opportunities to Sapa but also meets the need of organic products for local and international markets.

With suitable weather for growing plants, organic farming in Sapa is upgrading from household model to large farms or even agriculture cooperatives. There are now 8 businesses, both Vietnamese and international, are running organic farms including Mai Anh agriculture cooperative, Hoa Loi company, Nong Lien Taiwan company and Sapa Green Agriculture Cooperative, etc.

irrigation-sprinklers- used-on-farms
Irrigation sprinklers used on farms

Like many other organic facilities, “green” farms in Sapa also consider customers’ safety as the tmost important factor. Latest technology, limited microbiological and chemical fertilizers are used with almost no pesticide or preservative. Furthermore, all products are carefully checked and licensed before being sent to the market.

You should not miss the chance to visit these organic farms in Sapa

When visiting Sapa, tourists can not only enjoy majestic view of this mountainous area but also have a chance to visit local green farms, one of which is Sapa Green Agriculture Cooperative (SAPA GACo) in Sa Seng hamlet, Ta Phin commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province run by Mr. Phung Xuan An.

Organic farms in Sapa similar to those in Da Lat

Covering about 3 ha with 7,000 m2 of glass house built in 2014, the farm is applying Israeli irrigation system for better crops. Coming to this farmland, tourists can not only see how the greenest vegetables of Sapa are made but also experience planting and gathering crops like local farmers.

Sapa is chosen to deploy this farming model in Lao Cai

There are various types of vegetables in SAPA GACO including kohlrabi, local brassica chinensis, green bean, Chinese broccoli, cabbage and broccoli, etc. All vegetables are watered with clean water and fertilized with limited amount of chemical fertilizer. Plants are protected with nets, worms are collected by hand. It makes the products completely fresh and ‘green’.

Trellis of chayote in Sapa

SAPAGACo in particular and all organic farms in Lao Cai province in general have been providing to not only many supermarkets in Hanoi and other provinces but also international market.

These mushrooming organic farms are now making great contribution to the development of national agriculture and playing an essential role in supplying green food nationwide and worldwide.

Local brassica chinensis

“Mam da”, local brassica chinensis breed is not only tasty but also good for health, especially for bone, joint and recovery after excessive drinking. These healthy organic veggies are now available in most supermarkets in Vietnam.