One of the most famous destinations on the list is Ham Rong Mountain. Only 3km away from the town centre, this is the first place that every tourist want to go, either by bike or on foot, when coming to Sapa.

Way to Ham Rong Mt. in Sapa

Watch Sapa miniature from Ham Rong Mt.

Situated in Hoang Lien Mountain range, Ham Rong Mt. is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Vietnam with symbolic meaning of its name.

Started work in 1996, Ham Rong resorts has 148 hectares width, which fully exploited the wild character, nature of the moss stone forest. This is one of the hottest tourist attractions in Sapa, which enchants all travelers with its natural primeval beauty merged with magnificent artificial constructions.

A small corner of Ham Rong Mountain

Only 3km away from the town centre, this is the first place that every tourist want to go, either by bike or on foot, when coming to Sapa. To enter the area, a 75.000VND ticket is required.

What attracts tourists in Ham Rong?

Get ‘lost’ in the world of flowers

A small garden in Ham Rong Mt.

If you have ever been to Da Lat and get allured by hydrangea flowers, you will see flowers in Ham Rong feature distinctive beauty and deserves to be rival of flowers in Da Lat. Hydrangea flowers are not too showy, only light pink, blue or white but because they grow into clusters right on the soil and bloom for long days, wherever the hydrangea flowers appear, that place is full of vitality dissolving the coldness and arideness of upland region…

Peach garden – Heaven on Earth

Colorful flowers in Ham Rong

Coming to Ham Rong in spring, tourists will have chance to enjoy fairy beauty of old peach garden. At this place, the peach trees beautify the fresh atmosphere with pink blossoms. Somewhere, tourists can find pure white color of plum blossoms.

Touch the Heaven Gate

In order to take a closer look at the dragon head, you may want to head up to the heaven gate at the height of 1,700m, where the whole Sapa town is embraced by cloud in front of your eyes. This is a perfect place to take photos of the heaven-like scenery.

ham-rong-mountain -park
Ham Rong Mountain Park

Hang Tam Môn

Before coming to the gate of heaven, Tam Mon cave is also a leisure destination that many people remember forever. The cave is just enough for one person to go inside. One side is two cliffs with stone steps and the other side is an immense sky, where people enjoy camping and eating local wild fruit such as peach, pear, plum, etc.

Daily activities of the local ethnic areas

Waves of tourists visit Ham Rong Mt. in Sapa

In Ham Rong Mountain, tourists can not only discover the primeval beauty of Sapa but also explore daily activities of the local ethnic people, who inhabit a specific area of the mountain. Here you can find traditional cultures, costumes in the stilt-houses of Hmong, Red Dao, Xa Pho or Tay people. In addition, you can also relish traditional performances twice a day on request.

San May (Cloud Yard)

Heavenly view from San May

Heavenly view from San May

San May is known as the most ideal location to view Sapa. At the height of 1.800 m above sea level, tourists can feel the harmony between sky and earth. Don’t waste your time, pack you bag and travel to Sapa in this spring to enjoy fresh air and dramatic landscape of Sapa. It definitely won’t let you down.