Some might think that playing with snowflakes is simply a fairy tale in Vietnam because snow can be seen in Western coutries only. Well, not really. A 2-day-1-night trip to Sapa can bring you a Western-like snow trip with a really reasonable price. All you have to do is to be aware of when the best time is and what to prepare for the snow trip to Sapa.

When is snow most beautiful in Sapa?

Everything in Sapa is covered by snow

The answer for this question could be different each year. However, the most common time to see snow falls in the middle to the end of December of lunar calendar since this is the coldes period of the year, which sometimes produces a hard snowfall for a few days. Tourists can take this chance to visit Sapa to enjoy the snow-white version of Sapa as well as play with snowflakes with friends.

Some places with larger amount of snow

Snow can be seen around the town centre

Snow falls in some particular places in Sapa only, such as O Quy Ho mountain pass, Bat Xa commune, which are highly recommended, with more and thicker snow, for tourists to visit.

Things to remember when ‘hunting’ snow in Sapa

Here are some necessary things that you should bring with in your trip, especially when you travel by motorbike.

Well – prepare trip is always safer and more enjoyable

First, be careful on rough and difficult routes when motorbiking because would get slippery, even with avalanche sometimes.

Second, winter clothes including coats, scarves, gloves, sneakers and first-aid kit are also required for this trip.

Tourists visit Sapa in snow season

Third, this is the hottest season in Sapa, which means overpricing or even overbooking is likely to happen. Thus, you should book a room in advance or prepare tents to stay when motorbiking.

Travellers are interested in frozen things in Sapa

Fourth, you should watch weather forecast every day to update weather status in Sapa to make sure there’s snowfall in the town. Though this is a good opportunity for Sapa tourism to develop both domestically and internationally, it also comes up with difficulties for the local to cope with cold weather in daily life.

Frost everywhere in Sapa

Cold weather could have greatly negative effects on harvest and farming, such as dead cattle, frozen crops and many other daily activities. That’s why snowfall is either a chance or a risk to develop of this land.

One of the most beautiful photos of Sapa snow
Many buffaloes are killed by cold weather

Snowfall in Sapa make its scenery even more strangely enchanting. Furthermore, Sapa is the only place that has snowfall in Vietnam, which makes it the hottest destination during winter, attracting both domestic and international tourists year round.