The world’s longest three-rope cable car system, extending from the northern Lao Cai Province’s Sapa Town to Fansipan peak, the construction of the cable car is being carried out in the first phase of the Fansipan Sapa tourism complex. This is a must-try way to conquer Fansipan peak in Sapa for every tourist.

Overview of cable car system in Sapa

Cable cars to Fansipan peak in Lao Cai

The Fansipan Sa Pa system will take tourists from the Muong Hoa Valley to the 3,143 meter peak of Fansipan Mountain, Indochina’s highest summit. Measuring 6,282 meters, the Fansipan Sa Pa has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s longest three-rope cable car route. It also sets a record as the world’s biggest ascent between the departure and arrival, measuring at 1,410 meters.

This is the only cable car system in the world that does not include rescue system since passengers will be taken down to mountain foot safe and sound in any case.

Experience with cable cars to Fansipan peak

It normally takes climbers two days to cross the challenging route to reach the top of Fansipan, but everyone can now touch what is also known as ‘Indochina’s Roof’ within 15 minutes thanks to the cable car system. Each cable car is capable of carrying 30 to 35 passengers, and the whole system can transport up to 2,000 tourists per hour. The system is resilient to extreme weather in the northern mountainous province, with the developer insisting that everyone, including children and the elderly, can now explore Fansipan’s peak.

Is that expensive to travel by cable car?

Promotion packages are applied in Sapa

Prices for cable cars fare includes 2 levels. For adults VND 600,000 and children from 1.1-1.3m tall about VND 400,000 and free for children under 1m tall. Tickets are 2-way type and can be used during the day. So keep it carefully for you have to hand it back when coming down. Remember that the tickets are non-refundable.

During holidays, the number of tourists could get really high. If you don’t want to wait for too long queuing to buy a ticket, you can book a ticket in advance via prestigious travel agent and get a code from them. You can bring the code to the ticket office and get what you need.

The last station at the height of 3,000m

Experience cable cars to Fansipan peak

15 minutes sitting in the cable cars can bring passengers wonderful moments with it stunning views from above such as Hoang Lien Mountain range, Muong Hoa Valley and the forests, etc. The higher you get, the colder it is and the more cable cars vibrate. After reaching the last station, tourists have to take another 600-step way to finally conquer Fansipan peak, the roof of Indochina.

Besides, you can also visit many other destinations around Fansipan Legend area including Bamboo Garden, local temples and souvenir shops, etc.

cable-cars-to-fansipan-peak- in-sapa
Cable cars to Fansipan peak in Sapa

Tips before going by cable cars in Sapa

– No cumbersome luggage is allowed.

– Prepare your winter clothing for it’s only about 8 Celcius degrees up there.

– Watch out when you climb. You’re thousands meters away from the ground.

– Weak air on Fansipan peak could lead to lower blood pressure and suffocation.