Rose valley in Sapa is considered Love Valley in Da Lat, which is also romantically beautiful. Rose Valley has been also an increasingly attractive destination to both domestic and foreign travellers in Sapa.

Enchanting look of roses in Sapa

The beauty of Sapa ancient roses

Origin of Sapa ancient roses

Ancient Rose, sometimes called French rose, is an Euroupean type of plant of the genus Rosa in the family Roseceae, with hair and thorns. Tourist usually visit Sapa in spring when French roses start to bloom everywhere, in the garden, in the partk and on the sidewalks.

The beauty of French roses in Sapa

Ancient roses in Sapa is distinctive when compared with other types of rose due to its large branches with lots of buds and flowers. In full bloom, French roses can reach the size of a small bowl. Centre cane is tall and straight, which attracts most plant – lovers even with high prices.

Favorite choice of plant lovers

Ancient roses in Sapa are as pinkish as cherry blossoms with pleasant scent. In addition, this type of flower also has a special meaning with the local. Behind its beauty is a super vitality to survive in harsh weather condition, which is considered the power of love. This is the reason why it’s believed that if a young couple watch ancient rose, they will spend the rest of their lives together.

Ancient rose is a favorite type of flower to many people

Discover the beauty of ancient roses in Sapa

Visiting Rose Valley from March to November, tourist will enjoy the scent of millions ecstatic roses bloom in the morning. Spending one night in the resort, next morning when you wake up, you find yourself you are lost in the fairy garden where roses are blooming. It is so romantic and exciting if you hold your lover’s hand and walk through the winding stone walkways and admire the beautiful picture of blooming roses in 2 roadsides.

In spring, the pink peach garden, plum garden will let you feel like you are traveling in Japan on the occasion of the Lunar New Year. Visitors not only admire the romantic, poetic picture, but also enjoy the chilly air in foggy weather. It is so exciting if visiting Rose Valley in summer, because this time visitors can enjoy the characteristic fruits of this local.

Charming look of ancient roses in Sapa

Moreover, tourists also have the opportunity to experience more types of entertainment, namely warm water swimming pool, particular reading room, billiards room, conference room, ethnic cultural performance, system of unique restaurant and bar; simultaneously, the resort has brought various types of tours such as hiking, conquering Fansipan and walking to explore the village culture in operation. Travel to Sapa thus becomes more and more attractive.